We are retiring

You can still order our products, please read below.  You may then click the link below that will take you to the shopping cart side of our website where you can view and order our products.

We opened the Junction the end of 1999.  It has been a good run, however the decline in the hobby in general and rising material costs are the main reasons we have decided to quit.  We want to thank our customers/friends for their business as well as friendships that have formed over the years.  As of 9/1/2016, we have decided to retire once existing raw material is gone.  This may take over a year. 

To make best use of the raw material we have left, we will be manufacturing product as orders come in.  Don't back order figures we can't get them anymore.  The shopping cart will keep inventory on figures so you will know if what you want is out of stock.  All other items will show as in stock.  Most orders will be filled in 2-6 weeks.  If we can't fill your order or it will take longer than that we will let you know via email. 

We no longer take phone orders and don't have the office capabilities to process them anymore.  All orders must go through our website.  If you have questions ask them via email at  team@spjrr.com..  It may take several days to a week for you get a reply.  We are in the office a couple of hours in the morning on Monday and Tuesday.  Our main goal is to fill the orders that are placed via the shopping cart.  The best way to contact us is via email at team@spjrr.com. 

After we have sold out all products we will maintain the tips section of our website for your use for at least 2 months after the last order is shipped.  If you think you will need that information for future use, please feel free to print it. 

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Mark & Sue Smith
Smith Pond Junctions Railroad Products


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